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Bass Pro Shops and the Boy Scouts of America are proud to announce Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro Shops; Providing a Compass for Life!

We are proud to announce that the entire month of September 2016 will be Boy Scout Month at all Bass Pro Shops across the country. What is the Providing a Compass for Life! promotion? The BSA/Bass Pro Shops promotional partnership is in its seventh year. This multifaceted event was created to give families the knowledge and ideas they need to maximize their enjoyment of the outdoors. 

This year, merit badge classes and workshops on subjects like rifles and fishing will be offered throughout the promotion on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Following each workshop, participants will complete a worksheet and earn a lapel pin. Opportunities are available to practice casting, shoot air rifles, and other activities. And remember, everything is free! 

What’s in it for the Boy Scouts and Your Local Council? 

1. Increase awareness of Scouting in the community to help grow membership. 
2. Raise money through a customer donation program at each store. 
3. Offer Scouting items, such as popcorn, for sell at a storefront informational table. 
4. Offer fulfillment of merit badge requirements through in-store workshops for Scouts. 
5. Invite younger Scouts to come out and participate in workshops preparing them for Boy Scouting. 

How Can Your Council Assist and Benefit from the Promotion?

Presence in Stores (Scouts and Families): Scouts are encouraged to be at the Bass Pro Shops storefronts anytime during the month of September—but especially on weekends, when store traffic is highest—to talk to customers, solicit youth and adult membership, and remind visitors of the Roundup for Scouting donation program (explained below). Bass Pro Shops will provide a covered, skirted table and chairs for your council, and in-store signage promoting the BSA.

Roundup for Scouting Donation Program: During the month of September, Bass Pro Shops will offer customers an opportunity to donate their change to the Boy Scouts of America at each cash register. At the end of the promotion, 50 percent of the funds collected will be given to your local council with the other 50 percent to be designated to the National Council. Scouts will greet customers at the Bass Pro Shops storefronts and promote the donation roundup to increase results.

Merit Badge Classes: The Bass Pro Shops locations are uniquely qualified to offer several workshops with merit badge requirements included. This year, Bass Pro Shops has chosen to highlight the Fishing and Rifle Shooting merit badges for Scouts. (Note: Fishing does not include the final step of actually going fishing, and for the Rifle Shooting merit badge, Scouts will be using the air rifle option.) 

For more info and the merit badge class schedule click HERE.