TK Staff

Upcoming Optional Trainings: 

Archery: May 11th

  • 8 am to 4 pm. No charge for summer camp staff members. 

BSA Lifeguard:  April 26 - 28, 2019

  • Arrive Friday at 5pm depart Sunday at 4pm. 
  • Meals: Friday - dinner, Saturday - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sunday - breakfast and lunch
  • Bring with you: Swimsuit, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, whistle, chair, personal items such as bedding and toiletries etc. 
  • We will begin first thing on Friday with the prerequisites, come ready to swim 550 yards. Be prepared to swim using the front crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, and elementary back stroke. 
  1. Submit proof of age. You must be at least 15 years old to participate.
  2. Submit written evidence of fitness for swimming activities (signed health history).
  3. Swim continuously for 550 yards in good form using the front crawl or breaststroke or a combination of either, but swimming on the back or side is not allowed.
  4. Immediately following the above swim, tread water for two minutes with the legs only and the hands under the armpits.
  5. Starting in the water, swim 20 yards using a front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive 7 to 10 feet, retrieve a 10-pound object, surface, swim on your back with the object 20 yards back to the starting point with both hands holding the object, and exit the water, all within 1 minute, 40 second

COPE Level I Instructor Course: May 24-26
Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-1pm
The fee for this course is free for TKSC Staff members, $20.00 for Gulf Stream Council members and $40.00 for out-of-council volunteers. The fee covers food and other administrative costs related to the course. Class size is limited to 12.
•Participants must be at least 16 years old by the first day of class. Upon completion of the course, anyone under 18 will be considered a Level 1 C.O.P.E. Instructor-in-Training.
•Participants must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America or Learning for Life.
•Participants must have completed Youth Protection Training within the last two years.
•Participants must supply a copy of Parts A & B of a BSA Health and Medical Record.
•Download the Belay-On! manual to a smartphone or tablet and bring it with you.
•There is a lot of material to cover in a short time. Before you arrive please read the following from Belay-On!:Chapters 1-2 and 4 -7.
Participants may commute or stay at camp.If you wish to stay at camp, a campsite will be reserved. Campers are responsible for bringing their own bedding and personal hygiene supplies. Whether you commute or stay at camp, all participants are expected to be on time for class.
What to bring
Participants should bring a pen or pencil for taking notes, water bottle or other refillable container for water and rain gear. Clothing should be comfortable, suitable for working outside and allow for a full range of motion. Close-toed shoes such as sneakers or light hikers are required. Remember to dress for the expected weather. Consider hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray.
Participants should have eaten before the beginning of class on Friday. A light breakfast along with lunch will be offered on Saturday, but dinner will be on your own. A light breakfast will also be provided on Sunday. As the training should be complete by 1:00pm Sunday, no lunch will be offered. Participants are invited to bring snacks if they wish.