Staff Directory

The Gulf Stream Council staff is here to serve you and help make your Scouting experience outstanding. Please contact us to learn more about Scouting, to get involved in bettering our community, or for answers to any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

The list below may be sorted by position or name by clicking the column header.


Position Name Telephone
Assistant Scout Exec /COO Shanna Richardson (561) 694-8585 x249 Email
Assistant Scout Executive Devon Mayo (561) 694-8585 x232 Email
Controller Nancy Maxwell (561) 694-8585 x237 Email
Development Specialist Angela Kolp (561) 694-8585 x243 Email
District Executive, Big Lake and Sailfish Evan Reif (561) 201-9803 Email
District Executive, Everglades John LeJeune (561) 694-8585 x221 Email
District Executive, Indian River Cory Harp (561) 694-8585 x225
District Executive, Treasure Coast Cory Harp (561) 694-8585 x225 Email
Executive Assistant Josie Herak (561) 694-8585 x226 Email
Learning for Life Director Alec Connolly (888) 472-5350 Email
Program Director Amanda Pantone (561) 694-8585 x248 Email
Program Specialist Mike McLoughlin (561) 267-8759 Email
Ranger - Oklawaha Bill Molnar (772) 408-2192 Email
Ranger - Tanah Keeta Steve Steinmetz (561) 746-8749 Email
Receptionist Kathy Hul (561) 694-8585 x245 Email
Receptionist - Eagles & Merit Badge Counselors Julia Leith (561) 694-8585 x245 Email
Registrar Won-Mee Goodman (561) 694-8585 x236 Email
Scout Executive/CEO Terrence Hamilton (561) 694-8585 x230 Email
TK Ranger, WB Course Director Harlan Pierce (561) 723-5287 Email
Trading Post Manager Sandy Wekenmann (561) 694-8585 x248 Email