The popcorn sale is extremely important to fund your unit's Scouting program.  The sale is equally important to our Council so that we may fund and maintain camps, provide service to units, develop new programs, offer Scouting to those less fortunate, and so much more.


Unit Commitment

Don't miss out!  If your unit has not already committed to selling popcorn this year, please click here!


Unit Kernel Training Webinars

Trail's End Webinars will help new Unit Kernels become familiar with and trained to use Trail's Ends Unit Leader Portal.  Seasoned Unit Kernels benefit from these webinars to learn about new features!

Trail's End recommends that Kernels watch new Leader training videos in Leader Portal, including a "What's New" video for returning leaders, then join us live to learn more about what's new and ask questions to our Trail's End experts.

Webinars begin July 16, 2024.  Sign up for a Popcorn Webinar from Trail's End by clicking here.


Key Contacts

If you have questions, please reach out to District Popcorn Kernel, if unable to reach them, please contact your District Executive.

Service Area Contact Person Email
Gulf Stream Council Brian Boyle brian.boyle@scouting.org
Indian River Patience Anderson-Thomas patience.anderson.thomas@gmail.com
Treasure Coast Eric Frihart frihart123@gmail.com
Sailfish Eroy Burns eroy.burns2@scouting.org
Lighthouse Rachel Pfister lily1018@aol.com
Everglades Kimberly Schoolcraft eg.popcornkernel@gmail.com
Trails End Support   support@trails-end.com




File Name Description
2024 Popcorn Calendar Calendar for 2024 Popcorn Campaign. First Edition. Download
How to Register Scouts who earned a Free Summer Camp Certificate Summer Camp registration instructions for Scouts with Sales of $3000+ in the 2023 Popcorn Campaign Download
Ideal Year of Scouting - Cub Scouts Download
Ideal Year of Scouting - ScoutsBSA/Crews Download
Popcorn Sales Tips Make the best impression for a quality sale! Use these tips! Download
TE App Guide 2023 For Unit Kernels & Scouts - Trail's End App Instructions Download
TE How to Order Popcorn For Unit Kernels - Step-by-step process for submitting unit popcorn orders. Download
TE Kernel Guide 24 For Unit Kernels - Checklist and Resources Download
TE Parent Guide 2024 For Parents - Resources to support Unit Kernels & YOUR Scout(s)! Download
TE Product Details 2023 Allergen & Nutritional Facts for all Trail's End products available for purchase. Download
TE Rewards 2024 For Unit Kernels & Scouts - Rewards Breakdown Download
TE Scout Sales Pitch For Scouts & Parents - Perfect your Sales Pitch! Download
TE Storefront Basics For Unit Kernels & Parents - Storefront Best Practices & Reminders! Download
TE Storefront Guide 2023 For Unit Kernels - Step-by-step Guide to Reserving a Storefront in the Unit Leader Portal. Download
TE Table Payments Sign For Unit Kernels - Storefront table sign to display payment options Download
TE Unit Leader Planner 2023 For Unit Kernels - Goal Planning Aid for your Unit Campaign Download
Unit Planning Workbook Download