We want to Thank all the Units, Scouts, Kernels & Parents for participating in this years Popcorn Sale.

The popcorn sale is extremely important to fund your unit's Scouting program.  The sale is equally important to our Council so that we may fund and maintain camps, provide service to units, develop new programs, offer scouting to those less fortunate and so much more.

Thank you again for your participation.  If your unit has not already committed to sell popcorn this year, please click here

If you have questions, please reach out to District Popcorn Kernel, if unable to reach them, please contact your District Executive.

File Name Description
2019 Incentives Download
2019 Pocorn Prizes Download
2019 Popcorn Calendar Download
2019 Popcorn Guide Download
8 Reasons Boy Scouts Should Sell Popcorn Download
Fill it Up Flyer Download
New Scout Flyer Download
Path to Advancement Download
Popcorn Sales Tips Make the best impression for a quality sale! Use these tips! Download
Scholarship Download
Trail'sEnd App Info Download