Saturday August 4th @ 10 am at Camp Tanah Keeta is the Gulf Stream Council Popcorn Kick-Off. It’s a great opportunity not only to pick-up your unit’s popcorn sales kit, but to hear best practices and help improve your unit’s sales.  Additionally, it helps towards your unit earning an additional 2% commission on sales.   

The popcorn sale is extremely important to fund your unit's Scouting program.  The sale is equally important to our Council so that we may fund and maintain camps, provide service to units, develop new programs, offer scouting to those less fortunate and so much more.

Thank you for your participation.  We hope that you have a great sale and a great year in Scouting!

If you have questions or need help placing your unit’s popcorn order, please reach out to District Popcorn Kernel, if unable to reach them, please contact your District Executive.