Popcorn can be a year-round fund raiser for your unit through online sales. Commissions are issued quarterly, so if you suddenly get a check in the mail from the Gulf Stream Council, know that your Scouts sales activities have helped promote a camping trip, a new trailor or even getting the awards for an upcoming pack meeting or Court of Honor.

The 2017 Popcorn Season is starting!
Your District Kernels and key volunteers are meeting to make sure that this season POPS!

If you have questions or need help placing your units popcorn order, then reach out to District Popcorn Kernel.

File Name Description
8 Reasons Boy Scouts Should Sell Popcorn Download
Popcorn and Boy Scout Merit Badges Download
Popcorn Sales Tips Make the best impression for a quality sale! Use these tips! Download
Prize Ordering Training Guide Step-by-step instructions for ordering your unit's prizes. Download
Trail's End Selling App Download
Unit Reference Guide for Trails-End Popcorn System Having troubles getting in to the Popcorn System and need of some direction? Click here for the instructions, direct for Trails-End. Download