Popcorn can be a year-round fund raiser for your unit through online sales. Commissions are issued quarterly, so if you suddenly get a check in the mail from the Gulf Stream Council, know that your Scouts sales activities have helped promote a camping trip, a new trailor or even getting the awards for an upcoming pack meeting or Court of Honor.

Saturday, October 14, is the Neighborhood Biltz Day Popcorn Contest! Each unit from each district with the highest per-scout average sales*, will win a DRONE to give away and a pizza or ice cream party for the unit. All sales must be made in a Door-to-Door manner and recorded on the special Blitz Day Form. Make sure you register you unit with your District Kernel.

If you have questions or need help placing your units popcorn order, then reach out to District Popcorn Kernel.

File Name Description
• How to sell to 30 customers in a week! Download
2017 Online Product Mix Download
2017 Popcorn Guide Revised Popcorn Guide Book! Download
8 Reasons Boy Scouts Should Sell Popcorn Download
Blitz Day Form Download
Military Sales 2017 Overview Download
New Scout Flyer Download
Popcorn and Boy Scout Merit Badges Download
Popcorn Sales Tips Make the best impression for a quality sale! Use these tips! Download
Show 'n' Sell Tally Sheet Keep track of inventory and individual sales with this handy form! Editable for your convenience. Download
Summer Powerpoint Advanced Kernel Training Review for those who attended session 201 for kernels with some experience. Download
Summer Powerpoint General Session Course 000 is the first session for all levels of popcorn kernels. 2016 overview and 2017 incentives, as well as new things for this year's popcorn sales are covered in this powerpoint. Download
Summer Powerpoint New Kernel Training Review of session 101 for volunteers new to the popcorn sale. Download
Trails-End Scout Registration Parents and scouts learn how to register and create their webpage. Download