NOAC 2020

What is NOAC?

NOAC is the National Order of The Arrow Conference.  It is now held every 2 years on a college campus and is a great opportunity for Arrowmen to celebrate everything that the Order of the Arrow has to offer, including high adventure, ceremonies, and AIA. The conference is a great opportunity to learn how to bring back the best to our lodge as well as make friends from across the nation. It is not often that you are able to attend a gathering of this magnitude and it is an experience you will not want to miss! 

Where is it being held?

The 2020 NOAC will be held at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. 

When is it?

August 2-8, 2020

Why should I go?

There are many opportunities to learn about the Order of the Arrow as well as opportunities to compete in ceremonies, AIA, and activities on behalf of our lodge.

How do I register? 

Registration will be primarily on a first come, first served basis (upon application approval).  As it stands right now we reserved 30 spots. While some spots are dedicated to adult participation, the majority are reserved for the youth members of our lodge.  You must be a current member of our lodge to be considered for one of the spots (youth or adult).  If the demand is high enough we can look into getting more spots later, just know that this will shorten the length of time that you have to make payments (all prior payments will have to be made at the time of such registration). In order to be considered for one of the slots, you will need to submit the application form.  If you are interested in attending we will need a $300 down payment by November 1. This will secure your spot and allow us to register you for the conference. This is a non-refundable deposit.        

Here is the Application Link:


How much does it cost?

  • This year the conference will cost a total of $1400 per person.  However, fundraising opportunities will be available. 
  • The Payment Schedule is as follows:
  • November 1st $300 non-refundable deposit 
  • December 13th $300 ($100 non refundable)
  • February 13th $300 
  • April 13th $300
  • June 13th $200*
  • *This may change based upon how much fundraising is done

Can I cancel my registration?

You may cancel your registration if you send written notification of the cancellation to on or before June 1, 2020.   After the lodge processes your cancellation, you will receive a refund of all funds paid toward the $1400 registration, with the exception of the $400 non-refundable deposit.   Any additional purchases made by a participant in connection with the NOAC trip (such as t-shirts, patches, hats, etc.) will NOT be refunded, but you will receive such items after they are made available to the NOAC participants.  There will be no refunds for any cancellations received after June 1, 2020.

We look forward to seeing many of our members at NOAC 2020.


  • NOAC 2020
    August 02, 2020 to August 08