In Kind Donations

Partner with the Gulf Stream Council, Boy Scouts of America and donate items that can be used for our Scout Camps, Council office or local Scout units. Here are our current needs:

Tanah Keeta Oklawaha
1.  Floor buffer and shiner, commercial grade 1.  Gravel for roadways
2. Central A/C for O/A Lodge, 2 1/2 ton. Ranger's Home, 3 1/2 -5 ton Units
2.  Gator and Golf Carts (gas or electric) 
3. Lumber for fencing around Welcome Shelter / Lassiter
3. A 410a AHU and a CU air unit for residence
4. Gator or Gas Golf Cart 4. Metal roofing for pavilions in camp sites
5. Stump Grinder and Mulcher 5. Gas powered log splitter
6. Archery Round Targets 4-5 ft. round 6. Small Pick-up to use around camp
7. Compound Bows and Arrows 7. Small 12' to 16' boat with small engine
8. Tractor  
9.  Camp Truck or Trailer  
10. Convection Ovens  
11.  Pressure Treated Lumber for Tent Platforms  
12.  Canvas Repair for tents  
If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please call our office at 561.694-8585 to arrange for delivery or pick-up.