Gilwell Society Scholarship Application

Scholarship Purpose
To make participation possible for deserving Scouters and Scouts who would otherwise be unable to attend Wood Badge, NYLT, or other predetermined training activities.

In administering funds donated by generous people and generated through fundraising, great care must be exercised in order that only those Scouters and Scouts who need and deserve such help shall be aided, and that details shall be handled in such a way as to cause no embarrassment to the recipient or his/her family.

Application Process
The Gilwell Society Scholarship is available only while registration is open for an upcoming Wood Badge or NYLT course.  Applications will not be accepted after registration closes or in the event the course is at full capacity.

Event Deadline
NYLT December 26, 2023
Wood Badge January 31, 2023


Scholarships will only be considered for applicants who have submitted the initial deposit for an upcoming Wood Badge or NYLT course and submitted the Gilwell Society Scholarship Application below.  Recipients approved for the scholarship will be by their Course Director.

Scholarship Amount
The scholarship amount offered by the Gilwell Society is a maximum of $100 towards an upcoming Wood Badge or NYLT course fee.  The approved scholarship funds will applied only after the remaining balance is paid in full by the attendee and/or unit.

Awardee Expectations
All Scouts and Scouters who receive a scholarship are expected to complete the training course and deliver those lessons to their unit in order to build a stronger Scouting experience for all.  Wood Badge participants are expected to give back by becoming and maintaining membership in the Gilwell Society, so that the other Scouters may benefit similarly in the future.