Facilities Reservations

All camp reservations for Tanah Keeta, Oklwaha, and Dark Hammock can now be done online by units.

Where to Reserve

All three camps can be reserved by going to the Camping tab and selecting the desired camp and clicking on the "Reserve" button.

Who Can Reserve?

Only units are currently set up for online camp reservations. If you are looking to reserve camp facilities as an individual for a scout event please contact the Camping Director after you have set up an individual account. Examples of approved individual camp reservations include such things as reservations for training classes organized for the benefit of a group, or for meetings. Note - fees may apply. 

  • District and Council Event Registrations - Districts will be given a district login for creating facilities reservations for district events.
  • Council events will be given an event log in (i.e. SAW, Wood Badge).

Please note that we ask that you reserve facilities in a thrifty fashion so that we can use the camps to their fullest potential. All district and council reservations will be reviewed and approved (and adjusted as needed) by the Activities Director and the Camping Director.

How to Log In

All units should have received a login and password for your unit. If you did not, please click on the "Unit Accounts" link to the left.

How to Reserve

  1. When you click on Reserve, the system will take you to your account age.
  2. If your account has the authority to reserve facilities, you will see the camps listed on the left hand side of the screen listed on Events / Facilities.
  3. Click on the desired Facilty.
  4. Then click on Add Trip button.
  5. Fill this out completely including any pertinent notes. I would recommend including the start date and unit number in the trip name such as P123 Family Campout 01/01/16. This will help us locate the trip easily if we need to look it up.
  6. Save the trip.
  7. Once saved, click Add / View Reservations.
  8. To the right of the screen you will see "Add Reservation" button, under which you see a pull down bar with the options that are available at that camp (Buildings / Campsites / Canoes / COPE and Climbing / Ranges / Pool / Day Use Fee).
  9. Click on the category - generally the campsite first so you can see what is available. Then click on Add Reservation button. from here you will see a chart showing the availability of the facilities during the dates you selected for your trip.
  10. The green checks mean available, red X means it was reserved by another unit, black blocks mean the facility is blocked for an event, and a black diagonal sash means it is available for part of the day.
  11. Find a campsite that you would like and click on it (NOTE the campsites list the number of spots available.) Click on the dates you desire. If you are looking for a weekend campout it will default to both days. If your group fits into the site then click Save Reservation.
  12. If your group is too big for the site - allocate adults and youth in the youth and adult fields and then click save. (You will then need to reserve another site(s).
  13. From here you can either OPTION 1: continue building your trip to enter more reservations such as canoes, buildings, etc.. or you can OPTION 2: Pay for your trip (check out).
  14. Payment can either be the full amount, or partial amount. It is here that you will pay your $25 deposit.
    1. You MUST ALWAYS CHECK OUT by clicking SUBMIT MY ORDER while you are in your cart (the cart icon is highlighted). Even if you do not pay anything. Your order will not be saved if you don't SUBMIT MY ORDER!
    2. The blue tent icon will always take you back to your reservation. It is here that you can also change the amount in your cart.
    3. The cart icon will take you to your shopping cart.
    4. The refresh button will tak you back to your trip where you can make change if need be.
    5. The Itineray button at the bottom of the reservations page will create a pdf for you to save or print. This PDF is what the Rangers will receive.
    6. To delete a trip, all the reservations must be removed then submit at check out. Delete the trip by clicking the delete box on the trip page and hit save.

Reservation Guidelines

  • All camping reservations are now done by campsite. Each campsite is limited by the number of campers allotted to that site.
  • All camping reservations default to a minimum 2 day reservation at $10 per camper for the 2 days.
  • The system does not allow reservations within 10 days of the requested event. Email Camping Director to check availability.
  • Climbing and COPE - these activities require a certified instructor. Our council has only a limited amount of instructors so while you may reserve this activity, we will first need to ensure we have an instructor available.
  • Canoes - READ THIS IF RESERVING CANOES. Renting canoes is unique in the system.
    • Canoes are rented by the EACH - when reserving it will ask you number of youth and adults. In the youth field put the NUMBER OF CANOES not number of youth and put "0" in adults. This will rent you the correct number of canoes.
    • For full day rental you need to rent for two half days. (The full day rental will rent you the canoes for the entire weekend if also renting the racks).
    • For renting canoes with the racks for taking off property you must rent the rack, THEN rent the correct number of canoes (all that fit the rack.)
  • Shooting / Pool / COPE and Climbing / Canoes - all require specific training requirements that you must present in order to be able to continue activity.
  • Day Use Fees are only for day events and are not associated with a campsite.

Facility Payments

  • Canoes must be paid for in advance.
  • All camping reservations should be accompanied by a $25 deposit upon check out.
  • Once reserved you will receive an invoice showing the balance due for what has been reserved.