Below is a list of upcoming events. Click on the EVENT NAME to navigate to the event page. Click on INFO for a quick fact sheet about the event.

Date Event Name Type Fact Sheet
8/25/18 OA Lodge Leadership Development OA Info
8/25/18 Fundamentals of Training Training Info
9/8/18 Be A Scout Day Cub Scout Info
9/8/18 Large Event Training Training Info
9/8/18 POW-MIA-OREE Service Info
9/14-16/18 OA Fall Festival OA Info
9/15/18 GIlwell Service Day Service RSVP
9/15/18 CLAW Cub Scout Info
9/22/18 Leader Specific Training Day Training Info
9/29/18 The Trainer's EDGE Training Info
9/29/18 Shooting Sports Merit Badge Make Up Boy Scouts Info
9/29/18 Fish-O-Ree Cub Scouts Info
10/5-7/18 Outdoor Leader Skills Training Info
10/6-7/18 Baloo Training Info
10/12-14/18 Spookoree Cub Scout  
10/19-21/18 Jamboree on the Air Boy Scouts Info
10/13-14/18 Spooky Scout Overnighter at the Zoo Cub Scouts Reg Form
10/20/18 Archery Level 1 Training  
10/26-28/18 Spooklawaha Cub Scouts Info
10/26-28/18 Everglades Fall Family Cub Scouts  
11/12 & 11/14 Cub Scout BB and Archery Training Training Info
11/16-18/18 Scouting Advancement Weekend Boy Scouts  
12/11 & 12/13 Cub Scout BB and Archery Training Training Info
1/4/2019 OA Lodge Banquet OA  
1/11-13/19 Sailfish Klondike Boy Scouts  
1/12/19 Gilwell Reunion Breakfast Other  
1/25-27/19 Mosquitoree Cub Scouts  
1/26/19 Scouting in The Wild Cub Scouts  
2/1-2/3/19 Wilderness First Aid Training Info
2/2/19 Vigil Breakfast OA  
2/8-10/19 TC Klondike Scouts BSA  
2/8-10/19 Wood Badge Weekend 1 Training Email
2/13/19 Council Banquet All Info
2/15-17/19 Cracker Trail Camporee Scouts BSA Info
2/23/19 Law Day Scouts BSA See Page
3/1-3/19 OA Spring Ordeal OA  
3/8-10/19 Wood Badge Weekend 2 Training  
3/29-30 Trade O Ree Other  
4/6-7 BALOO Training  
4/9 and 4/11 Cub Scout BB and Archery Training Training Info
4/12 - 14/19 OA Section Conference OA  
5/11/19 Mentoring Day Scouts BSA Info
5/11/19 Level 1 Archery Training Training Info
5/13 and 5/15 Cub Scout BB and Archery Training Training Info
5/18/19 Oklawaha Conservation Day Service  
5/18 and 5/19 Wilderness First Aid Training Info
5/18/19 Commissioner College Training Info
5/27/19 Memorial Day at SF Nat'l Cemetery Service Info
6/16 - 7/10 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Scouts BSA Guide
7/10-14/19 Cub Scout Resident Camp Cub Scout Guide
8/17/19 Campmaster Training Training  
9/14/19 POW-MIA-OREE Service Info