Capital Campaign

Tanah Keeta is the heart of the Gulf Stream Council and at the core of the South Florida Boy Scouts' camping and outdoor experience. This landmark camp, which spans 640 acres along the Loxahatchee River, has been in our scouting family more than 50 years, and is as beautiful now as the day it was given to us. But the facilities at Tanah Keeta have fallen into disrepair; some are unusable, others can no longer accommodate the numbers we have now, or the family camping experiences we strive to encourage.

Bringing the camp up to appropriate conditions for the 12,000 youth and leaders who visit every year can be done—but we want to do something better: we want to build a legacy for Scouting in the future. The features in our plan have been carefully designed to preserve the natural character of Tanah Keeta, while advancing its mission as a contemporary standard for the Scouting experience. The Scouting experience — and its tradition of building leaders — is what drives the camp and the urgency of its redevelopment program.

This is your invitation to join us in accomplishing our mission to support the leadership of tomorrow by transforming Tanah Keeta into the kind of destination that will bring even more youth together—and keep the South Florida Boy Scouts alive and thriving—for generations to come.

Additional naming opportunities within these buildings and for other planned campus improvements are available by calling 561.694.8585 and asking to speak with Jeff Isaac, Scout Executive.