Charter Renewal


Reminder:  You need your unit access code (under resources). This code is new each year and you must log in as a new user.



  • DURING THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, the commissioner will meet with the unit and provide them with their re-charter packet. The packet will include a roster, instructions for renewal, a youth protection training report, and a trained leaders report. This information should be reviewed for accuracy and corrections should be made at this time.
  • BY OCTOBER 31, the District Executive renews the annual charter agreement with the executive officer of the chartered organization.  During the visit, they (a) discuss the success and needs of the unit, (b) review the role of the chartered organization and the local council, and (c) consider key unit personnel to determine replacements, additions, and recognition. The agreement is added to the completed re-charter packet when submitted to the District Executive for approval.
  • ON NOVEMBER 1, the online re-charter system opens for use. During this time the unit’s charter is able to be modified. Units can enter the system as much as needed to make changes to the unit. DO NOT PRESS “SUBMIT CHARTER” UNTIL ALL CHANGES ARE MADE. Once the charter is submitted, it can no longer be changed.
  • BY NOVEMBER 30, the commissioner and unit committee chair should have conducted the charter renewal meeting, which includes identifying youth and adults to reregister, completing forms, and collecting fees. The executive officer of the chartered organization or the chartered organization representative approves all volunteers and the unit leader certifies the youth to be registered. Participants of this meeting should include the commissioner, chartered organization representative, executive officer of the organization, unit leader, and all other unit volunteers.
  • All recharter packets are due in to your commissioner by December 15th.
  • UNITS ARE NOT PERMITTED to bring recharters to the service center.

Return Completed Recharter, in this envelope, to your Commissioner.