Aquatics Training

Swimming and Water Rescue Training


This course provides leaders with information and in-water skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to swimming emergencies during unit swimming activities. It also expands awareness instruction provided by Safe Swim Defense training to include basic water rescue skills. Successful completion of the Swimming and Water Rescue training will authorize candidates to conduct the standard BSA swim classification tests. 

Cost: $30 per person

Classroom instruction. You MUST attend one of the online zoom sessions:

  • Sunday, June 20, 2021, 6pm-9pm 
  • OR Friday, June 25th, 6-9pm 

In-water Instruction:  Saturday, June 26, 2021, 8am – 3pm. Must pack your own lunch.

What to bring:

  • Health Forms: You must bring a copy of your Annual Health and Medical Record (Part A and B) to the in-person training.
  • COVID-19 Pre-Camp Screening Form found here
  • Pen/Notepad
  • Bug/Sunscreen/Sunglasses 
  • Dry Clothes Daypack / Backpack   
  • Brimmed Hat 
  • Folding Chair
  • Swimsuit
  • Water /Canteen                               
  • Lunch/Snacks     
  • Old Shoes (No Sandals/no Laces)                 
  • Towels

Swimming Requirement: You must be able to pass the requirements for a BSA “Swimmer” and a final written exam for completion. This training will train you to conduct the BSA Swim Checks, so candidates should expect to take the swim check more than once in addition to complete in-water rescue techniques.

This training is open to any registered adult or leader. Space is limited!

Registration closes Saturday, June 19th

For more information contact: Won-Mee Goodman