Ray Weaver Commissioner Service Award

A commissioner is a friend of the unit and does whatever he can to help that unit to be successful.  Ray Weaver was like that because he truly understood the Scouting Program happens within the unit, but that the unit leadership needs support and encouragement that could best be given by a friend of the unit, the commissioner. Ray was a professional scouter and wrote most of the support materials used by commissioners nationwide. When Ray retired from professional service, he settled in the Gulf Stream Council area and served as Council Commissioner for many years putting his training and philosophy to good use for the benefit of the scouts of the Gulf Stream Council. He motivated, influenced, and trained others in the importance of an effective and trained commissioner. Ray Weaver was known nationally as “Mr. Commissioner”.

This award is presented annually by the Gulf Stream Council to recognize a Commissioner who best exemplifies the qualities of a good commissioner like that of the late Ray Weaver.

Nominations are due by December 3, 2023!