Lighthouse District Mosquitoree

Mark your calendars! February 2nd - 4th, 2024 are the dates for this super exciting event. Mosquitoree is open to all registered Packs. Outside council units are also invited to join the fun. This Mosquitoree is definitely unique. You’ll have the chance to camp with your pack and experience different activities that celebrate Japanese culture.

2024 PROGRAM WILL INCLUDE: (events may change)

  • Taiko Experience
  • Bachi Making (traditional Japanese drumsticks)
  • Pokémon Geocaching
  • Den Animal Origami
  • Fish Printing
  • Night Lanterns
  • Hand Drums
  • Shooting Sports (BB Gun, Archery, Slingshot)
  • Karaoke Campfire Program

  • Mosquitoree
    February 02, 2024 to February 04