Lion Country Safari Commemorative CSP

We appreciate our partnership with Lion Country Safari and their contributions to Scouting through our annual “Scouting in the Wild” and “Trekking on Safari” events!

As a token of our gratitude and our ongoing partnership, we are offering a commemorative Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) set, featuring the lion and elephant elements of our "Scouting in the Wild" and "Trekking on Safari" event patches. A portion of the patch sales will be donated to Lion Country Safari for the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK), represented by the rhino.

The full set includes the "Zebra" design and the "Nocturnal" design".  Order the full set ($18) or one patch of your choice for personal wear ($10), as a gift, for trading, or your personal collection.  Only 200 of each design will be produced!  

Pre-Orders end December 31, 2023.  Limit of 5 per customer.  Patches will also be available for purchase at Scouting in the Wild and Trekking on Safari 2024!


Lion Country Safari Commemorative CSP Pre-Order Form