Individual Event Sign Ups

Once you have your login and password, you are ready to sign up for events.

  1. Once you log in you will see the Registration tab appear by the Join Scouting tab. Click on that to open the Registration Menu.
  2. You will notice the icons across the top. These icons will change depending on which event you are highlighting. For example, if you are clicked on Camp Oklawaha, your roster will not appear in the menu bar. Make sure you look at the Switch Event / Facility next to the Refresh Button on the right to make sure you are on the correct item.
    1. HOME - shows you events available to sign up on the left and when you highlight them, the details appear on the right.
    2. PROFILE - shows the unit information we have on file.
    3. ROSTER - for individual / family accounts you will need to create your roster. What is your roster? Your family members that will attend scouting events, It may be just you, or it may be several family members.  When adding people to your family roster be sure you add the new adults using the NEW button by the adults and add new youth using the NEW button by youth. The system defualts to ADD YOUTH so LOOK at the heading above the data entry area to ensure you are entering the correct participant type. You can also delete youth or adults by clicking the delete button and saving.
    4. EVENT REGISTRATION - this is where you actually sign people up for events. NOTE - YOU MUST HAVE PEOPLE IN YOUR ROSTER BEFORE YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR EVENTS. Some events such as day camp will have multitple options (each district for example). On this tab you click on New Youth Registration or New Adult Registration. Each event will require some different information such as shirt size. Click on the name from the roster, then the event. Then click on Create Registration, fill in required information and Save. Here you can either Return to Event to continue adding registrations or Check Out.
    5. PRODUCTS - shows products that are relevant to a specific event.
    6. CART - shows all of the items in your cart. You can cancel a registration by clicking on the red X or change it by clicking on the note pad.
    7. ORDERS - shows all previous orders in the system.

IMPORTANT - READ THIS... if you are clicked on an event that only takes adult registrations such as Outdoor Leader Skills - only your adult roster will appear. Ditto for youth.