Welcome to Gulf Stream Council's new website, event management, and facilities reservation software developed by Tentaroo, founded by a Scouter from Jacksonville, Moishe, who is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member. This product is specific to Scouting and is being used by many councils throughout the country. It is a powerful tool that will make our event sign-ups easier and facility reservations a breeze! Coming soon - event sign ups on your mobile devices!

We thank you in advance for your patience in learning our new system!

Getting Started!

To get started you will need to know two basic things...

  1. What type of account you need to use to sign up for events
  2. Once you have your account, how to sign up for events

The topics to the right are listed in the order we recommend you learning about them in. This system has so many features and there is so much that can be done with it that we have been detailed in our directions. In the next month or two we will create online videos using screen shots to supplement this material.

We Need Your Help!

If you find any error in the HELP materials please email us.