Honor Guard for Scouting America

Introduction to the Honor Guard
for Scouting America's Gulf Stream Council

The Scouting America Gulf Stream Council is proud to introduce the Honor Guard, an elite group of scouts dedicated to upholding the highest ideals and traditions of scouting through their participation in community events, televised parades, and major scouting functions. This prestigious program showcases the discipline, leadership, and commitment of its members.

Roles and Participation Criteria

The Honor Guard encompasses several critical roles, each essential for the successful execution of ceremonial duties:

  • Flag Holders: Scouts responsible for the dignified handling and display of flags during events.
  • Bugler: Provides musical accompaniment with traditional bugle calls at ceremonies.
  • Cadence Caller: Ensures precise and coordinated movements during parades.
  • Flag Presenter: Engages in flag retirement and retrieval ceremonies, in addition to holding flags during special ceremonies, requiring a high level of decorum and respect.

Age Requirement and Maturity Waiver: The program is open to scouts aged 14 and older. A maturity waiver may be required to ensure that participants are ready for the responsibilities and professionalism expected in these roles.

Uniforms and Financial Support

Honor Guard members must wear a specific uniform, symbolizing the prestige of their roles, which costs approximately $400.00, not including tailoring. The council provides financial assistance and fundraising opportunities to ensure all interested scouts can afford to participate. Uniform maintenance and pressing are managed by the council.

Training and Commitment

Initial training for the Honor Guard involves intensive 2-hour sessions each Saturday at a designated field, scheduled to last about 10-12 weeks.

Ongoing Training: After this period, training sessions will be less frequent, focusing on rehearsals prior to events and practicing complex flag ceremonies to ensure precision and excellence in every performance.

Application Process

Scouts interested in joining the Honor Guard can apply through the following online form: Honor Guard Application Form or using the form on the left side of the page.

Professionalism and Conduct

When in uniform, members are expected to display a high level of professionalism and embody the Scout Oath and Law, representing Scouting America with honor and integrity at all times.

Leadership Opportunities

Any leader wishing to join our leadership ranks in the Honor Guard is encouraged to contact Ronnie Grandis at rgscouthonor@gmail.com to discuss further. We are looking for dedicated individuals who can contribute to the training and development of our Honor Guard members.

How to Contact

For more information, or if you have any questions about the Honor Guard program, please contact Ronnie Grandis at rgscouthonor@gmail.com. It is important to include your parents and scout leaders in all communications to maintain transparency and safety.

Invitation to Join

We encourage our scouts and leaders alike to seize this unique opportunity to represent the Gulf Stream Council as members of the Honor Guard. Join us in this distinguished tradition and contribute to the scouting legacy, demonstrating the core values of scouting to our community and beyond.