COVID-19 Updates

Based on the recommendations and mandates from the Florida Governor and Florida Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control, Scout units should suspend meetings, outings, and activities until July 1st.


Social Distancing has now become a way of life for us all.  We are experiencing Scouting from the confinements of our homes, digital screens, and backyards through virtual meetings and campouts.  This is our new temporary normal for us to ensure that we are all safe. 

All district and council activities and events are postponed until July 1st. This includes Gulf Stream Council summer and day camps programs. Please check our Summer Camp FAQ page for more information. Below is the new schedule for our summer activities:

   Event Title    Old Dates    New Dates    Location
 Cub Scout Resident Camp    June 4-7    July 1-4    Tanah Keeta  
 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Week 1    June 21-27    July 5-11    Tanah Keeta  
 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Week 2    June 28-July 4    July 12-18    Tanah Keeta  
 Scouts BSA Summer Camp Week 3    July 5-11    canceled    Tanah Keeta  
 TK Pathfinders  July 7-13, 14-20  canceled  Tanah Keeta
 Law Enforcement Explorer Academy    July 19-25    canceled  Tanah Keeta  
 Sailfish/Lighthouse Cub Scout Day Camp    July 27-31    canceled  Tanah Keeta  
 Indian River Cub Scout Day Camp    June 8-12    canceled  Oklawaha  
 Treasure Coast Cub Scout Day Camp    June 8-12    canceled  Ahbalufa  
 Everglades Cub Scout Day Camp    June 8-12     canceled  Faith United  


Scouting from Home: The Gulf Stream Council will be offering several online program opportunities for scouts to work on advancement as we practice Social Distancing. For information on our Remote Activity workshop, please click here.

CAMP CARDS: In order to best support our Scouts and Scouters, we have made the decision to extend the Camp Card sale to June 15th. We want to ensure that we are making every effort to support your fundraising efforts so scouting stays strong in our communities. 

We recognize that because of recent events, our Scouting families may face unexpected financial hardship, and this campaign provides a way to earn funds for upcoming Scouting adventures at a time when it may not be possible to pay for them out-of-pocket.

For this fundraiser, we are offering our supporters with a year-long savings membership for the “Entertainment Coupon App”, which offers coupons nationwide based on where you are, at the low price of $20.  So when you are in West Palm Beach, your coupons will apply to what is nearby.  When you travel to Orlando or Miami, the coupons will reflect what’s in the area.  Savings wherever you are!  Click here to watch the Raisy overview video

For every $20 savings membership sold, the commission breakdown is:

Entertainment Fundraising


Unit Commission


Gulf Stream Council


Keep this in mind: the commission on 1 savings membership is higher than it would be for 2 physical camp cards!

To get started, please go to and select “Join your Fundraiser.” Search for “Gulf Stream Council” and sign up!  This will allow you to quickly set up your Scout’s fundraising page just like the Trails End personalized pages.  With quick action and providing Scouts with access, you can raise significant funds for your Unit and provide your Scouts a way to connect with family and friends safely while bringing the benefit to everyone.  Attached are instructions to help you get started!


EVENT STATUS: Thank you for your understanding and commitment to Scouting.

Date Event Name Type Status
3/13/20 Wood Badge Staff Training CANCELED
3/13/20 Tanah Keeta Summer Camp Staff Training Training CANCELED
3/14/20 Gilwell Society and Wood Badge Reunion Breakfast  Adults POSTPONED
3/19/20 Wood Badge Weekend #1 Training POSTPONED
4/3-5/20 Weekend on the Waves (WOW!) Scouts BSA CANCELED
4/3/20 Tanah Keeta Summer Camp Staff Training Training CANCELED
4/3/20 Outdoor Leader Skills (OLS) Training POSTPONED
4/4/20 Level 1 Archery Training Training CANCELED
4/4/20 Fundamentals of Training Training CANCELED
4/4/20 Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation  (BALOO) Training POSTPONED
4/9/20 Cub Scout BB/Archery Training Training CANCELED
4/11/20 Cub Scout BB/Archery Training Training CANCELED
4/16/20 Wood Badge Weekend #2 Training POSTPONED
4/16/20 Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet Scouts BSA POSTPONED
4/18/20 Sailfish District Pinewood Derby Cub Scouts POSTPONED
4/17-19/20 Order of the Arrow (OA) Section Conference OA POSTPONED
4/18/20 Camp Health Officer Training Training POSTPONED
4/18/20 Shooting Sports Venturing Challenge Scouts BSA CANCELED
4/18/20 STEM - Forensics Days Scouts BSA CANCELED
4/24/20 Everglades District Spring Family Campout Cub Scouts CANCELED
4/25-26/20 Wilderness First Aid Training CANCELED
5/1/20 Order of the Arrow (OA) Summer Gathering OA CANCELED
5/2/20 Roger Dean Baseball Stadium - Scout Night ALL CANCELED
5/9/20 Trainer's Edge Traininq POSTPONED
5/11/20 Level 1 Archery Training CANCELED
5/13/20 Cub Scout BB/Archery Training Training CANCELED
5/15/20 Cub Scout BB/Archery Training Training CANCELED
5/16/20 Commissioner College Training POSTPONED
5/22/20 Tanah Keeta Summer Camp Staff Training Training VIRTUAL
6/4-7/20 Cub Scout Resident Camp Cub Scouts CANCELED
6/21-27/20 Scouts BSA Resident Camp Week 1 Scouts BSA POSTPONED
6/28-7/4/20 Scouts BSA Resident Camp Week 2 Scouts BSA POSTPONED
7/5-11/20 Scouts BSA Resident Camp Week 3 Scouts BSA CANCELED
7/27-31/20 Sailfish/Lighthouse Districts Cub Scout Day Camp Cub Scouts


8/2 -8/20 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) 2020 OA CANCELED
9/19/20 Cub Scout Learning Advancement Workday (CLAW) Cub Scouts POSTPONED
2021 National Jamboree   ACTIVE