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ME Rinker Scout Shop

Get all your uniforms needs at the
M.E. Rinker Scout Shop.

Camping Gear
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AND now a word from Scout Shop Manager Charlotte Brauer

Camp Cards are now able to be redeemed in the Scout Shop – our initial issues have all been resolved and we look forward to serving you.  Camp Cards are to be used for personal items – not unit advancements.  Is it time for a new shirt?  Get $10 off with your Camp Card!!   Need a new book and a pair of socks - $10 off with your Camp Card!  It can be used towards any personal purchase.

Roundtables:  The Scout Shop will be rotating attending Roundtables throughout the Council.  Call your order in a few days prior to the meeting and we will be happy to bring it with us.  Check with us monthly to see which Roundtable we will be visiting.

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Fast delivery on phone orders !
(561) 691-3929, FAX (561) 691-3935

Scout Shop Page - Click here

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Click on link to see service projects available to encourage Scouts to conduct projects in Public Gardens and Parks



             Reporting Advancements   

When units earn advancements and order badges from the Scout Shop - in person or by mail, an Advancement Report form is required in order to make a purchase. It is very important that a record of each Scout's ranks and badges be made at the Council Service Center.

Advancement reporting has become a much easier and efficient process with NEW! Internet Advancement. This process can be accessed on this Council website from the Internet Advancement button on the home page or through When processed by this method, advancements are automatically posted directly to official Scout Advancement Records and eliminates the possibility of duplicate reporting or inadvertent change of date, and other errors. You will discover if a Scout is not registered, have the ability to print rosters, advancement records, membership cards. etc. It is a very simple and self explanatory system.

It is still necessary to print advancement reports for signature and submit to the Scout Shop when purchasing advancements. The printed document will be passed to the Council Service Center for the permanent files.

Approved Unit Software     

Many units currently use software to maintain records of members, advancements, etc.  This software may still be used in conjunction with Internet Advancement by uploading your software records into Internet Advancement per the instructions in Internet Advancement. The following are compatible with BSA Internet Advancement.

Packmaster 2000, Vers 1.03 or higher
Troopmaster 2000, Vers 1.09 or higher 
Troopmaster ME, Vers 2.0 or higher
Contact: 804-589-6788,

ScoutMate, Vers 5.12 or higher
Contact: 888-572-4768,

Rank N File - CS, Vers 2.06 or higher
Rank N File - BS, Vers 4.07 or  higher
Contact:  800-218-4966, www.ranknfile,com

Scoutsoft, Vers 3.5r2 or higher
Contact: 801-599-5271,


Transfer Fees

Effective January 1, 2014, all registration transfer fees have been eliminated.  This means that adults and youth in traditional units, in Exploring, and our non-unit registrants, will no longer have to pay a transfer fee.

As of January 1, 2014, council will no longer collect membership registration fees and annual unit liability fees (formerly known as unit charter fees) from units chartered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Instead, collection of those fees will be handled by the National Council. However, magazine subscription fees will continue to be included and should be individually collected and turned in by the unit to the council.

If you hold a district or council position and have not paid for your 2014 registration, it is time to renew your registration.  The fee is $24.80 and should be made payable to Gulf Stream Council.  Please make sure your youth protection is current when you send in your registration fee.



27th Annual Scouts Honor Golf Classic

May 17, 2014

Bear Lakes Country Club

Michael Thompson, Honary Chairman
Eagle Scout, PGA Tour Player & Champion of the 2013 Honda Classic

For More information



Gulf Stream Council
2014 Official Pinewood Derby Rules & Regulations

Each participating Cub Scout is to build a completely new car each year using an official pinewood derby car-kit (BSA Part #17006 or Officially Licensed Kit). The dimensions of the car must meet the below minimum and maximum standards. The cars will run on an aluminum or wooden track. The cars will be released from a starting point at the top of the track and race down the track with the use of natural gravity only. No motorized starters, enhancers or bearings will be used to give the car an unfair advantage. No car or any portion of a car including, but not limited to, wheels and axles, may be used from a previous derby’s car. To minimize unnecessary costs, only weights from previous cars may be used. See OFFICIAL CHECK-IN Section.
PARTS AND MATERIALS: Official pinewood derby car kits, weights, wheels, axles and other optional accessories may be purchased from a BSA Store, website or Officially licensed products available from an array of vendors or websites, please keep in mind, any purchase from the Scout Shop benefits our Council. There are hundreds of websites that sell pinewood derby parts and accessories that claim to be BSA approved, please bring it to the attention of a race official for verification and approval prior to purchasing any items from these sites. We do not want to disqualify a scout’s car for unapproved parts.
WIDTH: Maximum overall width allowable, including wheels, is 2 ¾ inches. After market side rails are permissible as long as they do not extend past the wheels.
LENGTH: Maximum overall length allowable is 7 inches. No portion of the car will be allowed to extend forward of the starting pin/gate. The furthest most point on the front of the car MUST make contact with the starting pin.
CLEARANCE: Minimum clearance under the body is 3/8 inch. This is measured by placing the car on a flat surface with the wheels mounted and measuring from the lowest point of the wood block to surface. This will prevent the car from bottoming out on the track. The minimum clearance between the inside of the wheels is 1 ¾ inches. While the wheels are mounted, measure the front wheels from the inside of wheel to its opposite front wheel. Repeat for rear wheels. This will prevent the cars’ wheels from rubbing on the side of the track’s center riser guide.
WHEEL BASE: Wheel base is approximately 4 ¼ inches. This is measured from the center of each axle, front to back.
WEIGHT: Weight cannot exceed 5.0 oz. (141.75 grams). The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by additional wood, metal or any other SOLID material, provided they are securely attached to the body of the car. No loose material of any kind is permitted in or on the car. At no time can liquids be used as a weight as it will give an unfair advantage to that car by using inertia as an additional means of movement. Gravity is the only means of power that is permissible. Lead is permissible for weight provided that it is completely enclosed within the body of the
car. Non-Toxic Official BSA weights are commercially available. Hint: thumb tacks are good source of minute weight to get close to 5.0 Oz.
MATERIAL: The car body, wheels and axles must be from the official pinewood derby car kit (BSA Part#17006 or equivalent). The car may not ride on any type of springs. Details such as decals, pin stripes, cockpit accessories and interior detailing are permissible as long as the car does not exceed the maximum weight. Plastic and metal detail parts are allowed as long as they are securely attached to the body and chassis and do not exceed the maximum length, width and height.
WHEELS: Wheels must be from the official pinewood derby car kit (BSA Part #17006 or equivalent) or from the optional colored Cub Scout derby wheels & axle kit (BSA Parts #17553, 17554, 17555, 17556 and 17557). Wheels may be lightly sanded only to remove bumps, burrs and ridges. They may not be shaved or reduced in diameter or width. Wheels may not be beveled, tapered or in any other fashion modified from the original size and shape. Wheels may not be painted. Wheel covers, bearings, washers and bushings are strictly prohibited.
AXLES: The axles (round head nails) must be from the official pinewood derby car kit (BSA Part # 17006 or equivalent) or from the licensed optional colored Cub Scout derby wheels & axle kit (BSA Parts #17553, 17554, 17555, 17556 and 17557). Axles may be polished using files, sandpaper, etc. or by using the Pinewood Derby High Performance kit (BSA Part 16988) to remove burrs, scratches and ridges. The axles may not be machined or reduced in diameter anywhere along the axle shaft. One piece axles that extend the entire width of the car or any other substitute axles are not permitted.
LUBRICATION: Pinewood derby axle lubes (BSA Part #17106 and 17019) are permissible lubrications. Powdered graphite lubricant will be allowed, however do not use an excessive amount. Graphite will stain most surfaces and could cause the cars to not travel down the track properly. Lubricant must be applied prior to inspection and registration of the car. No lubrication is permitted after registration or during the derby.
INSPECTION: The car must meet weight, clearance and size requirements as stated above and use only the materials listed in these Pinewood Derby Rules or approved by authorized race officials. A pit stop (or repair table) will be provided on race day and for the use of all participants, there will be some tools, but we suggest bringing a repair kit for last minute repairs or modifications prior to final check in. A car with illegal parts may have them replaced or removed prior to registration and the car will be allowed to participate in the race providing it passes re-inspection. Any car using illegal lubricants will be automatically disqualified. If the car is broken down and the illegal lubricant is completely cleaned off the car, the car may be re-inspected by the race chairman for a determination on reinstatement.
OFFICIAL CHECK-IN: Each Pack will be required to have an official check-in & weight station. At this station, the car will be weighed and officially marked on the bottom with a permanent marker, the PACK, RACE DATE AND WEIGHT AND OFFICIALS INITIALS. This will ensure the vehicle is not used again or is from previous years. This will also be done at District and Council races. Please try to use a fine tip marker since these cars took a lot of time and effort by the scouts to build.
DISQUALIFICATION: A car or scout could be disqualified from the race if any of the following occur:
 Any use of improper material as outlined, including, but not limited to, lubricant, wheels, axles or body.
 Adjustments or repairs made in accordance with what is stated in the “Inspection” paragraph will permit scout or car to remain in race.
 Changing the car after registration, except for authorized repairs.
 Removing the registration marking from the car. (See CHECK-IN)
 Handling any car without permission of the judge(s) or race official(s)
 Not following the instruction of the judges(s) or race officials(s)
 Not following any other rule specified for the pinewood derby
CONDUCT: The Pinewood Derby is a FUN event.
 It was designed to promote good Sportsmanship and competition.
 In addition, all scouts are winners learning how to build and take pride in their creation.
 Any scout, parent, scout leader, sibling or other spectators that use any offensive language, act in an un-sportsman like manner, throw objects in anger or make any threatening gestures will be removed from the race event and not permitted to return. If the offender is a scout, the scout’s car will be immediately withdrawn from the race and the scout will be asked to leave the event. The Pack Leaders will discuss possible disciplinary actions at a later time.
HANDLING: Only the Cub Scout who has entered the car or a race official may handle the cars being raced.
RACE PROCEDURE: Due to the wide array of tracks and timing methods (electronic, stop watches, etc.) Each Pack will clearly post their timing rules and race rules prior to the event. The decision of the Chairperson and timing committee are final.
RE-RUNS: The starter will declare re-run of the heat, when if a car leaves the track. When a car has left the track and requires repair, the scout and parent will be allowed up to five minutes to repair the car at the pit stop area only. If the car is damaged again in the same heat, it will be deemed un-repairable and withdrawn from the race. If a car leaves the track, the car will be allowed to rerun up to three times before it is declared un-raceable and withdrawn from the race.
PROTESTS: In the event that a scout believes he should have a rerun, he may make a protest to the Race Chairman as to why he should be allowed to rerun. The Race Chairman will review the protest and make an immediate determination. Reasons for reruns would include, but are not limited to:
 car riding up on center guide
 hit by another car during race
 debris on the track
 track came out of alignment
All protests will be considered and the determination by the Race Chairman is final.
PARTICIPATION: Every Cub Scout must be present to race his car and receive any award. Should the need arise, the judge(s) and/or race official(s) reserves the right to allow substitutes. This will be on a case by case basis.
WEBELOS II: The participation of WEBELOS II in Pack Pinewood Derbies that occur after a Crossing Over Ceremony shall be up to the individual Pack. Webelos II will not be allowed to participate at the District or Council Races.
SUGGESTIONS: Packs have had WEBELOS II compete in an “unlimited” class locally allowing the scouts to be creative in their builds. Please remember that this event is to promote Good Sportsmanship.

Tanah Keeta Staff Alumni Association

Calling all Past and Present Tanah Keeta Staffers

The Tanah Keeta Staff Alumni Association is both a social and service-oriented group
Click on the below

TK Staff Alumni Registration


Unit Leader Approval of
Eagle Rank Applications

The Eagle rank application requires the signature of the Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, Coach). If the unit leader will not sign the application, for whatever reason, an assistant cannot sign for him/her.

NEW Eagle Application and Project Forms

Eagle Scout rank requirement 5 has been reworded. To support that change, a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook has been created.

Please see the Forms page of the website for links to all Eagle forms.

Eagle Service Project Issue

The following issue recently arose with regard to an Eagle Service Project:

The Scout completed his project and the workbook was signed off by the project beneficiary.  However, the troop Scoutmaster had resigned and was not available to sign off on the project.  The Scout asked how he was to proceed.

The answer is:  each unit should have one or more assistant unit leaders, and the unit committee should designate one (or more) of the assistants to sign documents in the absence of the unit leader.  In this case, the project workbook should be signed by the designated assistant unit leader.

Please convey this information to your units.


2013 Fourth Quarter

Eagle Scouts

Eagel Rank

Thomas McFarland Skelly, IV - T141
Reed Addison Rabideau - T141
Tai-Tjing Quinton Tse - C2150
Niholas Michael Aucamp - C2750
Eric Joseph LaPraire - T132
Matthew John Kastelic - T840
Brandon Charles Haynes - T823
Bailey Ian Glover - T811
Anthony Robert Zaleski - T215
Patrick Michael Brown - T405
Lucas C Barron - T475
Todd Eric Porter, Jr - T811
Jordan Thomas Martin - T435
James Edward Bell - T913
Michael Magrann - T445
Kyle Timothy Glenton - T499
Austin Luis Perez - T325
Vincent Greco - T333
Brett Clint Pierce - T336
John Frederick Bruns, V - T333
John Joseph Licardi - T558
James Holland Granberg - T567
Kenneth Jacob Clements - T105
John Patrick Reed - T155
Gregory Alexander Garfinkel - T141
Nicholas Leonard Keller - T155
Tyler Thomas Fogt - T141
Bret Andrew Dunton - T503
John Chauncey Atherton - T503
Nicholas Harro Koedam - T822
Matthew Fortune Elias - T308
Brett Anthony DeMarco - T197
Jason Edward Lynn - T132
William Michael Harrylal - T197
Codi Jarred LaCroix - T197
Jason Michael Colbath - C2750
Benjamin Joseph Olsen - T445
Michael Antonio Gabriel - T180
David Wesley Ingram - T435
Christopher Todd Green - T499
Tyler James Carley - T599
Sean Matthew Rego - T599
John William Hill - T208
Myles Emery Ellis - T823
Daniel Christopher Mintz - T333
Dakota Allen Jones - T208
John Andrew Weir - T208
Trenton Lewis Durham - T337
Raymond Edward Kramer, IV - T141
Cheney Thompson Hedrick - T13

Eagle Scholarship

Florida Culinary Institute -Application
PBCo NESA Chapter -Application

Jewish Committee on Sctng - Application
NESA Directory of Eagle Scholarships

VFW Scholarship
American Legion Scholarship

Duplicate Eagle / NESA Credentials

In Memorium

Brian Morgan

Pamela & Howard Jackson

Rick Morgan

Rotary Club of Elmsford

Doubletree 455 Hospitality LLC

Shari Campenni


Tanah Keeta needs your help

Please consider supporting your Council camp by adopting one of these projects.

Contact Ranger Steve for details.

Weeding and Pruning:
General clean up around the main camp. A good project for younger Scouts or Webelos. This could be split up into two projects.

Spreading Bark:
Will need to be scheduled after Weeding and Pruning Project.

Spruce up of Campsite:
Basic clean up, pruning & repairing of specific campsites.

Clearing Brush:

Groups should bring gloves, pruners chainsaws, rakes and possible a chipper. The Ranger has some tools but whatever your group could bring would help.

Painting inside and out. Ranger may have funding for this project but if your group can, a full adoption would be great.

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Serve to Preserve

Serve to Preserve Scout Award

TALLAHASSEE – This award will give scouts the opportunity to develop a sense of stewardship for the environment and create an effective way for young people to share new ideas and approaches to protect natural Florida.

The program allows scout troops to earn an award insignia by completing educational activities about Florida's natural environment. Age-specific requirements for the Serve to Preserve Scout Award were developed in partnership with leaders from the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Florida.

Serve to Preserve Requirements


Below is a link to a list of suggested service projects in public gardens and parks that need help. For more information contact Asst Council Commissioner, Bill Skinner at

Project List


The Council recently discovered that an adult volunteer who has taught a number of merit badge classes (including Eagle-required badges) was not properly registered as a merit badge counselor.  Needless to say, this caused a major problem for the Scouts who relied on this adult.  As a reminder, the following are the requirements to serve as a merit badge counselor.  The volunteer must:

1.  Register annually with BSA by completing the Adult Application form and submitting it to the Council Service Center (there is no charge to register as a merit badge counselor).

2.  Be at least 18 years of age.

3.  Be of good character.

4.  Be proficient in the merit badge subject through vocation, avocation or special training.

5.  Be able to work with Scout-age youth.

6.  Be approved by the Council Advancement Committee.  This requires that the counselor annually complete the Merit Badge Counselor Information form (#34405), and submit it to the Council Service Center by December 31 of each year.

7.  Each volunteer must complete Youth Protection Training (available on-line) before working with youth, and renew this training every two years.